JST Titan Industry
new technologies in the construction of buildings and structures
About us
Our company specializes in developing construction printers (robots) to reduce construction costs and accelerate the construction process without human intervention.
Technology advantages
Our building printers (robots) can build a building within 7 working days, while the cost of construction is up to 50%

Main advantages of the design:
- The possibility of printing an integral design of more than 200 square meters
- Automated feed to a height of up to 30 meters and horizontal 150 meters
- Ability to print a wide range of materials
- No restriction on the length of the printed object
- High speed printing, layer height 2.5 cm, width 7-8cm
- The ability to prepare concrete on site in a large volume (6 cubes per hour)
- The possibility of making foam concrete, followed by automatic pouring
- Automatic leveling of concrete floors and their grouting
- Printing of interior interiors and columns, stairs, etc.
- Low power consumption
- Low noise level
- Fine wall finishing
- Printing of interior interiors and columns
- Printing of non-standard shape objects
- Maintenance print head
- Controlled delivery of the solution
- Warranty 1 year

download specifications
On the photo the printed formwork and reinforcement
On this photo the foundation already covered by the building printer (robot)
The main objectives of the company for the near future:

Scientific research, development and serial production of building robots for specific tasks of construction companies and corporations.

The company's tasks will also include training on building robots, maintenance and implementation of repair kits.
The main goal of the company is to create building printers (robots) for printing multi-storey houses.
Contact us
Phone: +7(495)924-54-78 (rus/eng)
Mob.: +7(967)021-67-57 (rus/eng)
E-mail: mail@titanind.ru
Our company also considers the investment of private investors within a 15% stake in the company. The cost of a 1% stake in the company is $ 370,114.
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